I am travelling to Australia (Perth),can i buy duty free liqour in Kuala Lumpur when we change aircraft.

Submitted By: Rob ,Published by The Duty Free Advisor : Editor on 2010-08-15

Yes, you can buy at KLIA, but there may be some restrictions on carrying the liquids on board into Australia. Often liquids bought in transit have to go in the hold of the aircraft and be checked in, due to Australian security rules. Australian airports have duty free on arrival, so you can just buy when you get off the plane if you wish. Check out "syd duty free" or one of the shops at your airport of arrival, you'll find them through the airport sites. Eventually, duty free on arrival plan to add links to all these shops once our sister site is fully developed. You can also check your allowances for Australia from the airport search on our main site, just search an airport and then click the customs button.

check before you fly at     www.dutyfreeonarrival.com