Can I buy the large packets of cigarettes, in the duty free in Schiphol Airport?

Submitted By: Frances,Published by The Duty Free Advisor : Editor on 2010-06-21

Can I buy the lage packets of cigarettes, the 200 packs,in the duty free in Schiphol Airport if I am travelling from Schiphol Amsterdam to Dublin, is there rules about this because it is EU to EU countries?

If you are travelling from any EU member state to another you can bring back a reasonable quantity of cigarettes with you as all sales within The EU are tax-paid goods and not duty-free goods.

Although there is free movement of goods within The EU these goods should be for your personal consumption and not for sale to others.  Most EU Customs departments have now introduced "recommended" limits for intra-EU travellers and these can be found at duty free on arrival just hit your hotspot airport or add your destination in the search box........then hit the red customs button.