Can I buy duty-free on arrival and departure?

Submitted By: Ed,Published by The Duty Free Advisor : Editor on 2010-04-12

Yes this is allowed, on your next trip you can buy at your departure airport and again on arrival, if your destination has arrivals duty free shops. But, you need to be aware of the customs allowances for the country that you are travelling to, so to be sure that you are not over the limit. You cannot buy double the duty-free allowance on your trip and enter a country with twice the amount of goods, this is not permitted anywhere. But, you may choose to buy your perfumes on the way out as there is a better selection, but your tobaccos on arrival as they are cheaper. 

Of course, on your return journey you can buy again, both at your outbound airport or your inbound airport (if they have arrivals duty free shops) But, there is a limit set by Customs as to what you are allowed to import on arrival and you cannot exceed this allowance, unless you declare your goods and pay the appropriate duties.

to check before you fly....